Forgot to add this to my last post.

This girl is so funny.

Jenna Marbles.

Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles

She’s weird and so blunt to the point of awkwardness, that you just gotta laugh.

She tells you stuff the you might wanna know this. (She’s cusses :/ btw)

Then there is,

Luan Legacy.

Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/luanlegacy

Hee hee I luv him 😀 Hesh so funny x’)



Watch these pplz RAWR there awesome.


School Season!

Okay techically school started like 4 days ago but don’t correct me *glares*

So yeah this is what’s up.

My school is so freaking weird but funny it’s like hilarious. I made like a few new friends. 1 girl and some dudes that are in my English class. (Freaking like 4 girls in that class! Compared to 31 guys >.<)  Oh yeah but this is basically my schedule at the moment….

 1st Period: Advanced (yeah imma gloat) Geometry

2nd Period: Advanced Physics

3rd Period: Orchestra (best teacher ever)

4th Period: Gym (why!   ~_~)

Lunch (:

5th Period: Advanced (?) English <— it doesn’t say advanced but the teacher said it was ‘advanced’

6th Period: Drama ( I gotta change out of this class!)

The little side notes I felt for 6th Period is because I NEED a language this year! Or else imma have to do it Senior year. No thank you. So imma try to get into Spanish or French. But I REALLY wanted Japanese 😦 Ugh.

Most of my friends went to this school I’m going to…. Morse High (don’t search it up *_*)

Being a Freshmen SUCKS! I got lost the first 2 days and its SOOOOOOOO crowded 😥 I’m being pushed like im nothing but an annoyance.

I kinda got mad at the end of school on Thursday when someone pushed me out of the way. I turned around and I quote, “Didn’t your momma teach you any manners?  Do.Not.Push.Me. Learn to say ‘Excuse Me’ ” I was so pissed and the guy I said it to was like an 11th grader (idk he was TALL) he just stared at me for a sec then apologize and walked off…. I was so angry though. How rude is that? I know I was rude too but my gosh NO ONE KNOWS THOSE 2 WORDS. I’m speaking clear English here people are you deaf or stupid!? :/ I don’t mean any offense but what am I really that worthless in your eyes? Just because I’m YOUNGER then you?!


Freaking ugh!

Oh how has it been since I last posted!


That’s how long I have so much stuff to post about!

So for now I’ll just do a quick recap of what has happened in the near distant past.

  • My Orchestra competed in a Music Festival at Disneyland
  • I mastered chopsticks completely!
  • I’ve gotten a new haircut
  • I bought a new wardrobe (10 outfits and counting)
  • I’ve graduated!
  • And I have new favorite bands.

Graduating from Middle School wasn’t like I thought it would be. It was fine and all but it wasn’t glamorous or anything. Just nice.

Anyways there is a few new bands I’m in love with so look!






Love then or die. x)

Hee hee.

I hate freaking square rooting! >.<!

Youtube Videos!

Top 5 Youtube Videoz!

Yesssss! I been meaning to post this awhile ago 🙂

Now listen up kiddies, these videos have American Comedy written ALL over them so if you don’t laugh your probably going “Ewwww” or “Gross!” but whatever you’re bound to find something funny in it!

Number 1#

Number 2#

(Naruto Fan Who Hate Sakura ❤ dis!)

Number 3#

(Candy Mountain Charlie!)


Omg I was in 2nd period class and I was chill’n not listening to anyone but trying to find my “inner peace” (Yes I meditate in class) So I was mumbling and all of a sudden everyone on the right side of the room gets up and runs to the door!?

I was all like WTF? What the hell are they doing. Well, I sit in the back of the room in that class next to the door so I didn’t know what was coming.

Well as I’m going to meditate again it hits me! This nasty a** smell I was like “Holy Hell! What the hell is that?!” Someone had let one of the Stink Bomb loose in class you can buy them for 50 cents at any local drug store or magic shop. It’s smell like death though. I warn you. It takes at least an hour to air out and just catching a whiff of it can make you throw up.

My friend Lisette smells it first and is the first to run out of the class. She goes back in and grabs me from my chair and drags me outside before I even get the chance to leave the class myself.

So anyways like I said too us an hour to air out the class so we missed period worth of class. We were all really happy about that. But the police were not so a guy in our class got arrested.

I was shocked that they’d arrest a person for that but I guess he’s been warned before and did it anyways what a douche. Ugh, my crazy school is just about the only place to see the insane roam free and the cool are really nerds 😐 Or is that every school now?

Che’ Fresh Start!

Finally started using wordpress.

Looks like the site for me! Hopefully I’ll get to CSS soon.

It looks frustrating though. No 5 minute ordeal *shakes head* there should be a CSS generator!


Well Konbanwa everyone,